Change the world,
Own your content!

We strive to fix social media problems with modern tech and a hint of IRC nostalgia
04:20:69 <ジョイラー> Joyler is proud to be building the future of social media! (^v^)

The big WHY?

Something needs to change with social media!
Here is how we see it:

Own your feed

We divide the creator's content into weeks and give exclusive access to it only to select owners

Venture into up and coming creators

Discovery promising creator's content, help them grow and build great personal connection!


Why now?

Small creators and their niches are underserved and underappreciated!

...and there is no alternative so far!

Let's build one with Joyler!

Join US

Technical Characteristics

Too vague so far? Here is exactly what we are building:


See public post pack of any and all creators before committing.

Mutuals at first sight

Learn more about your favorite creators' work and creative process and build a unique connection.

Content Guarantee

Our creators are motivated by user feedback to write honest and useful content.

Our Team

Who is buidling:

Cosmic Edens
Software Wiz

Join US and...

Let's build the future of social media together!


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